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The Barista's Coffee Co.


Our course is unique as we offer training in a live, real-life coffee shop environment within our own store. Our training doesn’t consist of crowding people around a machine back of house. As an independent coffee shop, we know the importance of getting things right and ensuring that we serve a great cup of coffee every time. We’re passsionate about great coffee and passionate about delivering great training.

This half day course is aimed at both home enthusiasts and those working in the coffee industry. You will learn how to make the perfect espresso and the drinks that accompany this base. Basic Barista is a great course for your staff who have just started using the espresso machine, ensuring they have a global understanding of both the product and process of coffee.

We’ll cover:

  • The equipment as a whole
  • How to pour the perfect espresso every time including tamping and how to keep your coffee fresh
  • The espresso machine, handles, group heads and steam arms
  • Milk steaming and frothing, how to prepare and texture the perfect milk to construct all of the different drinks on the menu.

We also offer espresso machine and milk skills on hourly rates.

One-on-One Tuition or off site training is also available, please call us with your requirements.